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Ark Defenders is a hyper casual shooter game completely developed by Gunstone Studios and published worldwide both on the iOS App Store in partnership with Nanovation Labs.


You are humanity’s last hope. After The Ancients – an advanced civilization of alien beings – invaded Earth, the last surviving human beings escaped on board of a huge space station called the Ark. While wandering space in search of a place to make a new start, the Ark was discovered by The Ancients, who quickly sent their forces to destroy it. As the best pilot in the fleet, your mission is to defend the Ark at all costs.

 Ark Defenders is a sci-fi arcade shooter packed with action and intense moments. As you fight and defeat The Ancients, you will acquire important pieces of technology that will help you enhance and develop new space ships. The more resources you collect, the better suited you will be to fight the enemy fleet.

 But be careful. The more you progress, the stronger the enemies. And if you become too powerful, The Ancients may consider sending some of their strongest battleships against you. Are you ready for the challenge? The fate of humanity rests on your shoulders!


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