We are a creative development studio located in El Salvador, Central America.

Due to our convenient location, we are the perfect Nearshore Outsourcing option for your projects.

Our Mission.

Provide Digital Transformation tools that allow our clients to optimize their processes and sell their products through design, development and entertainment. We strive to offer smart, well-designed solutions for our customers’ businesses and lives.

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The Team

Gunstone Studios is a small group of Developers who love their work with a passion.

Juan Pablo Bolaños

Juan Pablo Bolaños

CEO & Founder

Graphic Designer – Programmer – Game Designer – Guitarrist

32 year old entrepreneur and two-time winner of the PIXELS PRO Award given by the Ministry of Economy of El Salvador.
Started his career as a graphic designer in the publicity area, without losing sight of his ultimate goal: involving himself in the digital and entertainment industries at some point. Studied programming and video game development and finally reached his goal of working in the Video Game Industry 7 years ago.

He has since been involved in the development of several games for PC, mobile and console acting as an artist, programmer and in the last few years as game director and lead designer. By late 2017, he decided he was ready for the adventure of his lifetime and founded Gunstone Studios in January 2018 with the clear goal of becoming a bridge that connects businesses with the Digital Transformation going on in our societies.

Andrés Chinchilla

Andrés Chinchilla


A talented programmer with an unparalleled love for Unity 3D and Xamarin. Andrés is proud of his work, particularly having worked on our various global releases and seeing how his work touches people all around the globe.
A gamer at heart, although he can’t quite decide if he prefers playing or making them.
It doesn’t matter what you throw at him, he will be able to make it come true. He has spent the last few years of his career working in the Video Game industry and App Development as a programmer, both for local and international clients. Spends his free time learning Japanese and working in personal animation projects

Anibal García

Anibal García

Artist & Graphic Designer

An outstanding artist with a passion for illustration and 3D modeling. Through his art, he has been able to communicate and share his ideas to the rest of the world, having participated in the creation of video games that found great success in countries like China, Brazil, the US, among others. He loves Comics and Character Design. Some of his main influences are Stanley Lau (Artgerm) and Alex Ross. He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a Graphic Design Specialty from Universidad de El Salvador and his goal has always been to work in the creative industries. He is responsible for most of the art in our video games as well as UI/UX design in our products and brings the hipster vibe to the team.

Alex Rivera

Alex Rivera

Web Developer

A professional in Web Design and Development, Alex brings years of experience and knowledge to the table. His involvement in hundreds of projects lets him find the best, most efficient, viable, and modern solutions for our clients.

A lover of computing and all things digital, Alex finds his passion in web development of any type. He is an expert in PHP and MySQL, building Web Applications and Solutions from scratch. He is also proficient in CMS environments such as WordPress and Joomla, recognizing the great potential they have for clients that wish to self-manage their products and solutions.

What We Do.

We help bring your vision into the Digital World

by developing unforgettable Mobile and Web experiences.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Using our digital know-how, we will use technology to help you create new — or modify your existing — business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements.

Game Dev

Game Development

Video games have become an irreplaceable part of our global culture. We offer Nearshore Gamification services to help our clients bring their brands and products into the digital world, and offer solutions to help other studios craft their games.

Web Dev

Web Design & Development

A website is a ‘must-have’ branding and marketing tool. That means it has to look and feel great, and carry the concept of your company or brand. We will make sure the user experience is the best both in PC and on mobile devices.

Mobile Dev

APP Design & Development

Building an App is much more than just making an idea work. It is about the experience, about the flow and feeling the users get when using it. We will guide you through the whole process: from UI/UX wireframing into coding and final testing, in order to create rich experiences for your end-users.

Graphic Design

Branding & Design

Our creative team can help you turn your ideas into beautiful and useful designs that will enhance your product and draw the attention to your brand. We can jump in at any level into the Brand Creation process, from creating a Branding Manual to designing engaging and modern stationery, printables, web and social media banners, and much more!

Illustration & Animation

Illustration & Animation

Bring your characters, environments or concepts to life. We can help you illustrate your ideas to build complex and engaging sceneries and characters for any application, video game or animation project.

Let’s Work Together.

Let us hear your ideas and help you bring your projects into the Digital World.
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