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We want to share our years of experience in illustration and animation.


Concept Art

Every big animation or video game production starts with good concept art. We can help you bring your ideas into concept art and help you choose the right direction from there.


Character Creation

A Character can easily become the most recognizable element of a product, franchise or video game. It gives a “face” to your product or even company or organization. We have created a wide variety of characters over the years for our own projects and for our clients.



Creating suitable environment and settings for your animations is key to convey a sense of immersion, and it has to ‘make sense’ in the context of the story you are telling.


2D Animations

We bring your 2D characters and settings to life, using your preferred method. Wether you like sprite sheets and frame-by-frame awesome and fluid animations or rigged 2D characters for complex actions and video games, we can deliver. We use a variety of tools, like Spine and After Effects.


3D Modelling and Rigging

3D graphics have become an integral part of the entertainment industries. We can help you create 3D versions of your characters and products. Ready to be animated or integrated into your projects. We can also help you create 3D environments for your VR and AR experiences.



Your game or website needs awesome Cinematics or Short Animations? We can help you create awesome short cinematics or your trailers, games, apps or websites. We can work from scratch, by conceptualizing characters and environments, but we can also take what you have and turn it into an awesome animation.

Our Work.

A showcase of some of our Illustrations & Animations

Short Cinematics

Trailer Cinematic created for Double Coconut’s game Milky Way Miner

2D Animations

Some of our Rigged 2D animations using Spine


Fire Panda Comic Strips

A series of collectible comic strips that appear inside our video game Fire Panda.

Character Design

Some of the characters we have created for our clients and some of our own productions.

Concept Art

A small selection of concept art we have created for our clients’ video games.


A small selection of environments we have created for our clients’ video games.

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