Fisti Fluffs



Fisti Fluffs is a cute online multiplayer brawler for iOS and Android. Produced by Gunstone Studios and published by Rogue Games.


The cats are bored with no humans around. So it’s time to pounce, whack, and tussle to be the best cat while destroying property damage.

Fisti-Fluffs is a physics based multiplayer game featuring cats where you fight and wobble against other cats while flinging household items around. Be sure to dress up your cat with many adorable and rocking outfits.

  • Compete with friends for up to 4 player local mode in this competitive-cat-tussling-fun game.
  • Turn the playroom into a weapon – smacking into objects will launch them across the room!
  • Take screenshots in-game using the camera mode.
  • Collect hats! Lots and lots of hats!
  • Whack, pounce, and … meow? your way to victory, to prove your wobbly cat is best cat.

Cross platform Multiplayer

Play with friends using iOS or Android

Different Game Modes

Different game modes add variety

Cute 3D graphics

Colorful and cute aesthetic


Rogue Games, Inc.



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