Jun 2020
Gunstone Studios

Pinata Punishers published on international Android stores through Unity Distribution Program

Our awesome Idle Clicker game has entered new markets through the Unity Distribution Program!

Some weeks ago our publisher, Rogue Games, was approached by one big telephone company. They wanted our game Pinata Punishers in their Android store, and they were willing to throw in some incentives, spend money on UA and even promote it through some of their influencers . We were very excited (obviously) and started looking into all the requirements and steps to publish a game in a private Android app store.

Then, the folks over at Rogue thought «why limit ourselves to a single Android store?» and started looking into the possibility of distributing the game in the many Android app stores on the globe. That’s where the Unity Distribution Program (UDP) comes in.

The UDP is a platform offered and managed by Unity and they help you do just what its name says: Distribute your game. They put your Android game into these stores with little fuzz, they take care of most of the stuff and they also offer a centralized environment through which to do everything. Of course, this means getting rid of Google Play specific code and SDKs and creating new in App Purchases (which they also help you manage). They are also very excited to promote Unity games through this platform so they offer help and coop marketing.

All in all, getting the game into UDP turned out to be far better because it would help us introduce the game into the store of the Company that originally contacted us as well as many others like TPay (Africa), ONE Store (Korea), among others. It was also an awesome experience and its not a big deal since it required minor adjustments to the game.

We are looking forward to this, hoping Pinata Punishers will see an increase in downloads and revenue through these stores. Time will tell, but we see no harm whatsoever in distributing our products through all the channels and platforms available to us!

For more info on the UDP, visit their website HERE.

Download Pinata Punishers here: