May 2020
Gunstone Studios

Pinata Punishers: Idle Clicker – Launched Globally

Our latest release has been published in partnership with Rogue Games, Inc.

This past 5th of May saw the Global Release of our latest mobile game: Pinata Punishers on Google Play and the Apple App Store. The game is an idle clicker with colorful graphics and crazy humor and involves collecting and breaking a big variety of piñatas in a festival town. The game is full of funny and unexpected jokes, cute characters and many surprises. It can be played on both smart phones and tablets, its available for free and does not require an internet connection to play!


In Gunstone Studios we all are very proud of our hispanic tradition and legacy and have long discussed developing a game using our cultural heritage as the center and main inspiration. Since we are very close to Mexico, and in fact we belong to the same cultural region called Mesoamerica, we have many cultural similarities, including our food and many traditions. That’s where the Piñatas come in.

It is customary in our cultures to have kids – and sometimes adults – hit and break piñatas during our celebrations; especially birthday parties. We stuff the piñatas with candy and all have a great time picking the candy up as they fall from the holes in the piñatas. Sometimes, in town celebrations and festivals many piñatas are presented at once, so you have many kids hitting piñatas and jumping on the ground to grab some candy at the same time in different squares in the town. This is the main idea and inspiration behind Pinata Punishers. We love that aspect of our celebrations, and wanted to make a game that conveyed how colorful, happy and welcoming the Mesoamerican Hispanic traditions are, also with tons of humor. This game is, in many ways, a homage to our great culture and our hispanic festivities. It’s also a way to say ‘Hello World’ to the rest of the globe from our small country, El Salvador.

Join the thousands of players that are already collecting and bashing their piñatas in this awesomely colorful idle clicker!

Download Pinata Punishers here: