Ago 2020
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Pinata Punishers featured as Apple App Store’s Game of the Day in the US

The Apple Editorial Team has recognized the great quality of our Idle Clicker and named it Game of the Day!

Our Idle Clicker is gaining a lot of popularity and drawing the attention of the big shots! Apple Editorial team featured our game as Game of the Day (August 9th) and wrote an awesome article about it in their Stories.

It came as an unexpected surprise, since the game was released months ago. But the Apple Editorial team has finally noticed our awesome Idle Clicker, Pinata Punishers, and has decided to give it a special spot as today’s Game of the Day. They have recognized the great quality, humor, beautiful artwork and all the tons of fun our game has to offer. Check out what they wrote about it!

You don’t need to throw a birthday party to take a few swings at colorful piñatas. You just need Pinata Punishers!

Busting up festive boxes is serious business in this charming idle game. Hire friendly luchadores to whack away at the candy-filled contraptions—or join in by tapping yourself, eventually raking in thousands, millions, even billions of tasty treats.

Tap quickly during Day of the Dead time to rack up cash even faster.
Tap quickly during Day of the Dead time to rack up cash even faster.

But they’re not for eating! Use your sweet loot to improve your wrestlers—upping their pace and transforming their basic sticks into swords, axes, or battle hammers. Take that, papier-mâché punks!

The extra muscle helps when bashing boss piñatas like a prickly cactus and a blazing pepper. Swing strategically: Each foe has unique patterns and defenses.

Your luchadores will earn you goodies while you’re away, but with characters this colorful, you’ll want to spend as much time at this party as possible.

Check out some screenshots from our gorgeous idle clicker, and download it following the links below!

Download Pinata Punishers here: