Abr 2020
Gunstone Studios

Fire Panda – Featured by Download Astro

Our adorable 3D platformer game was featured by Download Astro in their App of the Day section

Fire Panda, our platformer game set in fantasy China, was recently featured by DownloadAstro on their section ‘App of the Day’. The game usually draws the attention due to its rich and colorful graphics and its adorable main character: Hóng the Red Panda.

Our CEO Juan Pablo Bolaños Bolaños had a small interview by their team, where they talked about the game development, challenges and inspirations, among other things.

Since Fire Panda’s setting is in China, we as Latin-Americans, had to be very careful to capture all that, from architecture to color palette, to sound effects and music. We also aimed to capture as many different audiences as possible, from all ages and nationalities.

Check out this small interview and show Hóng the Red Panda some love following this link: