Stretchy Legs



Stretchy Legs is a hyper casual mobile game completely developed by Gunstone Studios and published worldwide both on Google Play and the iOS App Store in partnership with Rogue Games, inc.


Your beloved is waiting for you, but she won’t wait forever! Traverse hazardous, obstacle-filled worlds as you stretch out your heart — and your legs— to rendezvous with your soulmate.

– Simply stretch out your legs to walk from platform to platform

– Timing is everything—be careful not to fall!

– Intuitive controls: Tap and hold to stretch and then release to stride

– Portrait-based design is perfect for one-handed play

– Beautiful, stylized landscapes take you through different backdrops and seasons

– Personalize your characters with unique unlockable skins and more

Stretchy Legs is designed for players of all ages and can be fully enjoyed without a Wi-Fi connection.

  • +210,000
    Downloads Worldwide
  • 4.9 STARS
    iOS App Store Rating
  • 4 STARS
    Google Play Rating