Sandwich McCormick



‘Sandwich McCormick’ is a html5 video game developed for McCormick to promote one of their iconic products in Central America and the Caribbean – The Sandwich Spread. The aim was to promote their products during the start of the school year, since they can be used to prepare meals and lunch bags for the students.


The game gave players the possibility to win different prizes by keeping track of their scores using a built-in leaderboard. In the leaderboard players could compare their scores to players from different countries in Central America and the Caribbean.

It also served as a landing page for their extensive collection of recipes which they also wanted to promote.

It was placed in their website and users were acquired using social media campaigns.

  • Player Database
    Client acquired valuable information about their customers.
  • Engagement
    Customers interacted and engaged with the brand in a new and innovative way,
  • Data from several countries
    The same development worked on different countries.


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