Long ago, there was a prosperous Kingdom in the Far East. This Kingdom was threatened by the fearsome tribes of the nomadic warrior-dogs known as the Mongrols. The rulers of the Kingdom decided to build a marvelous wall to keep the Mongrols at bay. The people called it The Great Wall, and it spanned the whole length of the border. Thanks to this wall the Kingdom prospered and its people felt safe. The king gave the important job of keeping and guarding it to the Red Panda tribe. After many years of peace, the Kingdom grew complacent and started to forget the terrible danger that lurked beyond The Great Wall.

On the Day of the Dragon Festival, all the Kingdom was invited to the Capital to celebrate their ancestors. All the Red Panda garrison was invited by the King as a thanking gesture for their effort in keeping The Great Wall. As the whole garrison left for the Capital, Captain Zhao, leader of the Red Pandas, decided to leave one guard behind, just in case something happened. Hong, the youngest recruit, drew the short straw and was left behind. “Remember, Hong” – Captain Zhao said – “if anything happens, light the signal fires with your torch!”. Hong was left alone and depressed. “Nothing ever happens here, on the Great Wall” – He sighed. But the Mongrols knew the Dragon Festival was celebrated on that very night, and they had prepared a terrible surprise for our young and unsuspecting hero… and for the rest of the Kingdom.


Help our young hero, Hong the Red Panda, defend the wall and save the Kingdom from its enemies! Travel the length of the Great Wall through 30 levels filled with surprises and dangers.

– Unlock Bonus Levels!

– Defeat the Mongrol Leaders in epic boss battles!

– Use everything at your disposal – including the Dragon Cannons mounted on the walls!

– Unlock different costumes! – Explore the country and marvel at its beauty!

– Do your best to conquer all the levels and get the max rating on all of them!