Once a wise and beloved king, your life has come to an end. As you prepare to depart this world, an otherworldly voice talks to you and gives you a choice: continue on your path to the Land of the Dead or become a Guardian Star. To do so, your soul is placed inside one of the many gems with which you were buried. Take care of your Soul Gem as you travel through all dimensions, seeking the mythical Diamond Fields to become a Guardian Star! How far can you go? Evade the obstacles and show the cosmic authorities you have what it takes to become the brightest star of all creation!

The Guardian Stars are travel the universe seeking to keep the balance of all creation. When a soul big and bright enough enters the void it is given a single task: travel through all dimensions in search of the Diamond Fields, where they will receive the Radiance and become full fledged Guardian Stars to roam the universe.

Soul Gem is a fantasy endless runner for iOS and Android designed to give players both a beautiful and challenging experience as they travel through fantastic landscapes. It is filled with many surprises and will feature extra environments which will be constantly added as free updates. By giving the player easy controls combined with a variety of interesting mechanics, items and power-ups, Bouncy Gem can be enjoyed by every member of your family, from the smallest to the less tech-savvy.